1. INDIVIDUAL and TEAM - SCORING & PAYOUT SYSTEM: Any Structured Tournament Poker
    Game, and Weighted Payout is possible, 0 to 100%, to either category, in Consolidation Tournaments (e.g. 60% payout to Teams - 40% to Individuals; or, 50% - 50%; or, 100% - 0%, etc.). Learn more specifics about the patented Team Poker® System (TP) at www.teampoker.com. Example: The inverse of the Individual Finish Positions (IFP) create the team points for team score. With 100 players in the finish count, first player out receives 1 point, second 2 points, etc. until winning player receives 100 points for the team and highest team point scores win.

    1. No-Contact TP: Teammates are never allowed on the same table with opponents. Teammates may combine and play on same table heads-up or among themselves. The tournament tables may play as single table events until further consolidation can take place (NO-CONTACT-SEATINGPROTOCOL.pdf).
    2. Full-Contact TP: Teammates are known and identified and can play on the same table with opponents.

  3. TP HANDICAP:  The optional Team Poker® Handicap allows any size team to compete and team size to vary in the same tournament. The “Reverse Handicap” (max number of players per team/ actual number) allows smaller sized teams and individuals to maximize their skills (e.g. 3 players max – 1 player min; or, 4 players max – 2 players min; etc.). The total team IFPs are multiplied by the Team Handicap to equalize their finish positions, and level the playing field. The team score tie breaker is the team with the higher IFP.
The Team Poker® basic license herein is limited to single casino and local championships only. This basic license does not include State, Region, Country, or World TP Championships or any video rights which shall be negotiated by separate agreement with Team Gaming LLC.

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